Today is the last day of summer vacation here in Virginia.  Many of my friends’ children in other states have already started up the school year.  Personally, I love it that our kids wait until after Labor Day to head back to school.  Yes, it makes it harder at the end of the year when they are still going to classes in mid-June, but to me starting school in August is just too early.  As a kid , my late-August birthday still took place during the summer and I always cherished that.  It wasn’t until I got to college that I started celebrating my birthday after classes began.  And those are stories for a much different blog.

My oldest boy is beginning middle school this year.  Sixth grade.  Holy cow, where did the time go?  I did pretty well in school, and although I did deal with the occasional bully, I managed to sail through fairly unscathed thanks to some pretty awesome friends.  However, I do remember VERBATIM some of the insults lobbed against me when I was in sixth grade.  Middle school is hard for all kids.  I worry about the injustices my boy will experience when he enters the hallowed halls of his new school.  He is on the smaller side–what kinds of awful things will the other kids say to him?  He is also quite innocent–what kinds of awful things will he hear on the bus and in the locker room?  And how will he respond to them?  Every kid goes through this, I keep reminding myself.  But it doesn’t help me sleep at night.  I know that my sweet boy will change, as all kids do.  He will be come a teen with raging hormones and a driver’s license.  But for now I will enjoy the boy in front of me, who is excited about the new school year and yet still gives me unending hugs at bedtime.  I just pray that he will be able to hold onto some of his sweetness as he moves toward the teen years.