This is a question I hear from Connor multiple times a day, most often after he’s been disciplined and is looking for reassurance.  It comes like clockwork, after the first post-time-out smile I direct at him:  “Are you happy, Mom?”  It reminds me of when my oldest son was Connor’s age, and used to tell me he loved me a dozen times a day.  However, it was evident that what he really craved was my reply: “I love you, too.”  It made me wonder…was my love for him not evident in our daily interactions?  Was I too impatient, was I missing those critical moments?  His constant need to hear me state my love for him eventually passed, but it was brought back to mind by Connor’s now-daily question.  And it has made me think–am I happy?  Once again, have I been too impatient with him, and am I yet again missing those critical moments in my son’s childhood?  Am I expecting too much of him, and in the process setting us both up for failure?  So for today, I will try to remember that he is still learning acceptable behavior, and that it is my job not only to teach him, but to model the very behavior I expect of him.  So how about you?  Are you happy, Mom?