First of all, I need to apologize for doing a horrible job of updating this site.  Especially since my last post centered around snow, and it’s now nearly June.  Yes, we’ve been busy, but it doesn’t take THAT long to type an update!  So here I am, attempting to play catch-up for the past few months.  Surprise, surprise–I have some news to pass on:

1.  Tom is retiring later this year, and he was offered a fantastic position with the Department of Commerce.  It will keep us in the DC area for at least a few more years, which surprisingly, doesn’t bother me all that much.  Now, if you’d asked me a year ago, I probably would have said that I’d rather have all my fingernails pulled out than remain in this area, but it’s amazing the effect a good community can have on a person.  That, and having some really great friends close by.  And that leads me to my second bit of news…

2.  We’re buying a house!  This has been a very nerve-wracking event for us.  Somehow we’ve managed to avoid buying a house all these years, and I now know why!  Between choosing a real estate agent, negotiating loan rates, searching for the right home (in the right school district and the right neighborhood…), etc., it’s enough to give someone a nervous breakdown.  But thankfully, God has been looking out for us.  Our agent is fantastic and said we’re the easiest clients he’s had all year–we literally walked into his office on a Monday afternoon and by Thursday we had a contract on a house.  The house itself is lovely and in a neighborhood chock-full of families, and the school is top-notch.  We are very excited about it, and are looking forward to making the move and becoming official homeowners!

So that’s about it for now.  I will post pictures of the house after we close and everything becomes official.  In the meantime, enjoy the warmer spring weather!