Last week was a trying one for our family.  That nasty stomach virus hit our family hard, with the two older boys out for the count (the oldest even got an all-expense-paid trip to the ER for his efforts).  I hope to never have all three boys sick at once, as just two of them wore me out!  In addition, we got the stunning news that Tom was not selected for promotion.  We had truly expected that he would be picked up–why wouldn’t he?  It came as a shock not only to us, but to our family, friends and Tom’s co-workers as well.  So we’re now faced with the reality of retirement–thankfully Tom has reached 20 years and can retire as early as summertime.  But where does that leave us?

  With all these upcoming changes to our life, I decided it was time to rename my blog.  It was time for me to face the reality that we will not be completing an adoption.  I see now why God chose to close the door to our adoption a few months ago–the nervousness I feel at the prospect of my husband retiring from the military is nothing compared to the sheer panic I would be dealing with if we were also faced with the dilemma of financing an adoption (international or domestic).  However, it is hard to finally let go of that dream.  We may still choose to try and conceive a girl ourselves, but I’m the first to admit that the chances are good that we’ll end up with four boys.  Truthfully, that prospect doesn’t scare me all that much.  The idea that I would be disappointed with a boy scares me more–I would never want my child to bear the burden of knowing that we wanted a girl but ended up with another boy instead.  So it will take some more soul-searching before I determine whether I’m ready to take that leap or not.  In the meantime, I will do my best to keep our family & friends updated on our comings and goings as well as life’s little quirks here at XY Central!